Got a Dwarf Hamster

One of the cutest things in the world are dwarf hamsters, which are mini-sized hamsters┬ámeasuring about 2 to 3 inches. A friend got me a dwarf hamster for my birthday a few weeks ago and I’ve been reading up on how to take care of it properly. According to this hamster website, I have a Winter White Russian dwarf hamster although I don’t think it will change its fur coat because there are no seasons where I live. Winter white hamsters can live for about 2 years which I think is kind of short.

Anyway, I named my hamster Cupcakes! She has been doing a lot of super cute things like cleaning her face, rolling around in the sand I got her, and flipping around in her wheel. I don’t know why she does that but it’s so cute!

She’s living in a Crittertrail cage now but I am trying to make her a do-it-yourself bin cage so she has more space. And I’m using Carefresh Natural for her bedding and giving her a hamster food mix. I’m not sure what the brand is so I’ll have to check and get back with it, but the girl at the pet outlet said it was a good mix for dwarf hamsters.

I’m also trying to tame Cupcakes and she has been a real sweetie. I got her to climb on my hand only after a few days! Every time she does that, I give her a hamster treat (yogurt drops) and I think it’s helping her to learn that it’s good to climb on da hand ;) She’s not doing it all the time so I think I will have to continue taming her (maybe with sunflower seeds because I read that Russian dwarf hamsters can get diabetes easily and yogurt drops look like they contain too much sugar).

Here’s a photo for you!

cute dwarf hamster

Not my photo but Cupcakes looks very similar! I’ll get my own photos up soon :)

And I found this video by the same people!

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