Got a Dwarf Hamster

One of the cutest things in the world are dwarf hamsters, which are mini-sized hamsters┬ámeasuring about 2 to 3 inches. A friend got me a dwarf hamster for my birthday a few weeks ago and I’ve been reading up on how to take care of it properly. According to this hamster website, I have a Winter White Russian dwarf hamster although I don’t think it will change its fur coat because there are no seasons where I live. Winter white hamsters can live for about 2 years which I think is kind of short.

Anyway, I named my hamster Cupcakes! She has been doing a lot of super cute things like cleaning her face, rolling around in the sand I got her, and flipping around in her wheel. I don’t know why she does that but it’s so cute!

She’s living in a Crittertrail cage now but I am trying to make her a do-it-yourself bin cage so she has more space. And I’m using Carefresh Natural for her bedding and giving her a hamster food mix. I’m not sure what the brand is so I’ll have to check and get back with it, but the girl at the pet outlet said it was a good mix for dwarf hamsters.

I’m also trying to tame Cupcakes and she has been a real sweetie. I got her to climb on my hand only after a few days! Every time she does that, I give her a hamster treat (yogurt drops) and I think it’s helping her to learn that it’s good to climb on da hand ;) She’s not doing it all the time so I think I will have to continue taming her (maybe with sunflower seeds because I read that Russian dwarf hamsters can get diabetes easily and yogurt drops look like they contain too much sugar).

Here’s a photo for you!

cute dwarf hamster

Not my photo but Cupcakes looks very similar! I’ll get my own photos up soon :)

And I found this video by the same people!

Pyssla Kirby


I came across an awesome Kirby design, so I decided to make one for myself! The pink beads that I had didn’t really suit Kirby so I used an alternative instead! I messed up a little bit on the outline of the moon, though.

Pyssla Cow


This was the first pyssla design that I made. I bought a kit from a store and it provided the materials to make this cow pattern.

Simple Pixel Art Tutorial – Ice Cream

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to make a simple pixel ice cream. You can choose to have as many flavours of ice cream as you want, but I’m going to use the standard 3 flavours – strawberry, vanilla and chocolate.

The program which I used to make the ice cream was Microsoft Paint. The size of my canvas was 100 x 100, but you can use whatever size you want.

First, fully zoom in and draw the ‘rough sketch’ of the ice cream using the pencil tool.

Simple Pixel Art Tutorial - Ice Cream

It looks really ugly and weird, doesn’t it? Let’s make it look better by erasing the corners and extra unwanted lines of the ice cream sketch. Once you have done so, it should look something like this:

Step 2


It certainly does look better than the earlier one! Now, colour in the outline of the different flavours and the ice cream cone. It should look something like this:

Step 3


After that, colour in the ice cream scoops with a lighter colour of the outline. Start with the top scoop first.

Step 4


After that, colour the rest of the ice cream (including the cone)

Step 5


Once you are done with the colouring, it’s time for the shading. It depends on where you want your ‘sun’ to be. For me, mine would be at the top left side of the canvas. Then, you add in the shading. So your final product will be something like this (without the sun, of course.):

Step 6


If you want to add a background, you can. All you need to do is to open a new 100 x 100 canvas, decorate the background then copy the ice cream and paste it onto the background, and you’re done! Remember to select ‘Transparent Selection’ when you are copying and pasting the ice cream.


Making pixel art is really simple and enjoyable, too! I will be posting more tutorials in the future. I hope you enjoyed making your own pixel ice cream!


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